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Natural Locs & Loc Extensions By Shaquora R' Bey
Dare to wear the hairstyle that is all about YOU, YOUR  many lives and YOUR many moods. Dare to step outside the box with Silky Loc's or Bantu Knots! Be YOURSELF, but raise the bar, and show off the natural beauty that YOU are! Keep it nice and keep it neat with them that know, consult the pro's. At Sophisticated Loc's Natural Hair & Art Salon
Shaquora R' Bey and Fajr A Wali 

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Only The BEST Sophisticated Loc Extensions in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn will Do!

Here's a peek at what's happening at  Sophisticated Loc's
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The BEST Loc Hair Styles: The Wrist Game!

A young girl wants my kinky twists, Hair shinin' Twists intwined, for me its all in the wrist, now I am that sister and I am that girl, But these skills are legit, Braid, Kink or curl. Add another meaning to rock that dome, Cornrow Bantu brush and comb.

Blessed to be rich with skills, Fed daily bread and paying bills,
Tight skills I've definitely got, obsequious, I definitly am not, I'm a skilled artist
who is paid in full, And if your hair is done right then my schedule will stay tight!

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Only The Best Updos Will Do!

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Loctician To The Stars!

My early training in the salon in the early nineties qualified me as one of the BEST Loctician in Brooklyn, just based on the clients that I served.

When celebrities such as Stevie Wonder sat in my style chair, everyone knew that he was in the BEST hands in Brooklyn!.

Now more than 20 years later and I am even better than before! I continue to enjoy my work and I continue to educate people about loc care and grooming.

My hair loc work and loc hairstyles is not only well polished, my prices are also VERY affordable! Every client is given the opportunity to be treated like a celebrity in my style chair!

From beginner locs to locs that are more than two feet long. All are welcomed!

Just know and trust that YOU are with an experienced loctician who cares and who will help YOU keep the best loc's possible.

YOU are in the best hands in Brooklyn with Shaquora. YOU wont regret it!

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Locticians To The Stars! Brought To YOU BY: Natural Hair And Art Salon