The Best Kept Locs In NYC and the World!

    We at Sophisticated Loc's are committed to Loc's and Natural Hair Care.
 We understand that looking good is a priority
in addition to the fast pace and lifestyle that most people are keeping up with.

                        WE have made it easy for YOU, to always look fabulous and sophisticated,
                             by offering YOU our Celebrity hair Locing and grooming system
                                              that is quick, efficient and all about YOU!

         We are offering a personalized service that is specific to YOUR needs
and  includes an Exhilliarating, hydrating
 shampoo and conditioning!

We practice a Palm Roll and Loc massage method that
 rolls the loc's from root to tip!

We also do fabulous styles and Updo's!
We also use essential oils, pomades and products that promote YOUR

Natural hair to grow along with our growing hands! 
YOU get to relax, release and relate!
We raise the bar for our clients and produce Quality Work
that is worth its weight in Gold!

For more information Call

CALL 347 569-1413
For an appointment Today!

CALL 347 569-1413

It is all about YOU because YOU deserve
to be pampered by professionals.

See YOU soon!

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